How it works

Speclo gives you the ability to easily, and most of all securely, request your eye glass and lens prescriptions from your optician and save them digitally. Here’s how:

  • You log in and authenticate yourself with Mobilt BankID
  • You search for your optician
  • You sign your request with Mobilt BankID
  • Your optician receives a secure link with a password and unique case number
  • Your optician authenticate and log in with Mobilt BankID
  • Your optician fills out your requested prescriptions
  • Your optician signs the authenticity of your prescriptions before sending them to you with Mobilt BankID
  • The link is exhausted and the only one with access to your data, is you

Here's how we protect your data

At Speclo, security is central in everything we do. Besides providing technical solutions such as encrypted connections and data, we ensure an organisational structure to protect your personal data from hackers, unauthorized access and abuse.

This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring only strictly neccessary data is even able to be accessed, limiting who has access and logging all views of your data. We care deeply about your privacy and strictly adhere to the swedish data protection laws.

Your data is tied to you, not your mailbox

Since Speclo uses Mobilt BankID, all your personal data automatically becomes tied to your personal code number. This makes the transaction of your prescriptions much more secure than regular mail, for instance. All your data is then stored on highly secure servers within the european union and we continuously, and meticulously, work to maintain as modern and secure technical architecture as is possible.

Protect your Mobilt BankID

Mobilt BankID is a personal e-ID and comparable to your passport or drivers licence. You therefore need to treat your Mobila BankID as carefully as you would treat other ID:s.

Learn more about Mobilt BankID and security (in swedish)

Beware of second-hand login

Second-hand login is something which is unfortunately becoming more and more common. It basically means an individual and/or company wants to “help you collect all your personal information in one place”. It generally works by them asking you to authenticate yourself and let them in to one or more services so they can access your data. This is something you need to be aware of.

Learn more at the Agency for Digital Government (swedish)