What is Speclo?

Speclo Logbook is a service that aims to ease life with a vision impairment. Logbook helps our users store all information about their vision in one single place to facilitate a better understanding of their eye health over time. It also assists in buying visual aids and keep their vision in top shape.


How does Speclo work?

With the tools in Speclo Logbook, our users will be able to save everything about their vision. As of right now, they can save which contact lenses they use just by scanning the bar code on the box as well as collect their prescriptions from previous eye exams.

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Is Speclo safe?

Speclo is designed to meet the stringent requirements that the Patient Data Act places on handling patient data in a digital medical record system. You can read more about what security measures we have taken and how Speclo is designed here.


Who can access the prescriptions?

When you receive a request to transfers prescriptions to Speclo, it is always initiated by the customer whom it regards. When you submit the information via the case number attached within the email, only the customer who initiated the request will have access to the prescriptions once uploaded.

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Why do I get an email from Speclo?

If you have received an email from Speclo with a request for access to prescriptions, it is on the initiative of the customer concerned. Read more about how our service works here


Is Speclo compliant with GDPR?

Opticians go under the Patient Data Act, which complements the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as it is called in Sweden. In the Patient Data Act it is clear that the patient has the right to access what is in the patient record. As an extension to that, we offer a service for our users to access the prescriptions in their journal to get an overview of their vision.

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Can I contact you in any way?

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us at support@speclo.com.