Get full insight on old and new patients

Get the full eyesight history of everyone who walks through your door and offer a better service than your competition.

Give your patients better care

At Speclo we believe the old model of glass and lens prescriptions are limiting your possibility to give the best possible care for your patients. Therefore we are developing a service to gather all vision data in one place.

In your patients vision profile you will get a full overview of it’s current state and how it has developed over time. You’ll also gain access to the latest prescriptions for glasses and/or lenses as well as which frames he or she usually carries.

Get new patients and more bookings

We want to simplify the process of managing your vision. We are therefore going to give our users the ability to easily book their eye examinations right from their account in Speclo Logbook. When we notice a prescription is out of date we will automatically send a reminder to book a new appointment to get their vision checked up.

Would you like to receive additional bookings from our users close to you? Submit your interest in the form below! Of course, you’ll set the your own price.

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