Get started with Mobilt BankID

To get started with Speclo you only need Mobilt BankID and an email-address. The first time you log in a new account is created for you and you’ll be asked to provide an e-mailadress.

Send a request

When you arrive at you dashboard you will have the ability to send a request for your lens and/or eye glass prescription from your optician. Just search for the store where you had your eye examination and confirm which type of prescriptions you would like to request.

Proxy agreement

To be able to act on your behalf, we need you to sign a proxy agreement allowing us to represent you in the matter. Therefore you’ll be prompted to confirm this with Mobilt BankID before we send your request.

Your optician receives the request

Your optician receives your request by their official email. The email contains a unique case number, a personal, secure password and a unique link to where they can fulfill your request. We are aware that many businesses have a policy not to click on links in emails and we therefore provide the ability to click through our website in order to submit your prescriptions.

Your optician authenticates with Mobilt BankID

When your optician has successfully provided your case number and their personal password they will be prompted to authenticate themselves with Mobilt BankID to continue. This is an extra security measure we require to ensure your request does not go to unauthorized people.

When your optician gets access to the form they will fill out your prescriptions. Lastly, they will have to ensure the authenticity of the prescriptions by signing with Mobilt BankID.

It's your opticians choice

Your optician still has the ability to opt-out and dismiss your request if they wish. This is something we have to provide as it is the responsibility of your optician to make sure your prescriptions reach you.