Why Speclo?

At Speclo we believe in the weight of every moment and the experiences they bring. We aim to help you control and manage your vision by giving you the tools and information you need to take informed decisions.


How does Speclo work?

Logbook helps you take control of your eyes and your eyesight. Once you have created your account by logging in with Mobilt BankID, you have the ability to request your prescriptions from your optician and save which contact lenses you’re using by scanning the barcode on the packaging.

Soon you will also be able to share your Speclo vision profile with retailers to ensure that you always get the right product.



Speclo Logbook is free for our end users and always will be.


What does Speclo do with my data?

We store your prescriptions and related data on our secure servers as long as you give your consent. We will never share your data with anyone unless you explicitly consent and know about it.


Why do you need a proxy agreement?

When we request your prescriptions from your optician we need a signed proxy agreement to legally represent you in the matter.


When can I access my prescription?

We are working on solutions to give you access instantly. However, at the moment we are limited to when your optician have the time to fulfill your request. If you are experiencing problems with getting access to your prescription, please contact us at support@speclo.com


Why can't I retrieve my prescription?

At the moment, Speclo Logbook is a new service, which causes uncertainty for opticians about what they are interacting with. The fact that you haven’t received your prescriptions directly is probably due to the fact that your optician wants to be careful with your information and does not want to share it with foreign services.


Is my optician entitled to withhold my prescription?

According to our interpretation of the Patient Data Act (only in Swedish), you as a customer and user are entitled to something called data portability. This means that you have the right to move your information wherever you want. Therefore, we believe that your optician is not entitled to keep your prescriptions.


How can I contact you?

If you have further questions or inquiries about Speclo, feel free to email us at support@speclo.com