In the blink of an eye

At Speclo we believe in the power of every moment and the experiences they bring. Our mission is therefore to simplify your ability to have great vision. Create your account today and get full control of your eye health.

We simplify your life

Speclo for the first time gives your one place to gather full control of your vision. We save your prescriptions for lenses and glasses while at the same time giving you a full overview of the development of your eye health over time. You can also save additional information such as which contact lenses you are using to facilitate easier purchasing of visual aids. Especially if you are buying online.

We are working continuously to develop new services and tools to simplify life with a visual impairment as much as possible.

Who are Speclo?

Speclo was founded in early 2019 by three co-founders with experience in marketing, project management, systems development and design. Together they saw a need for change when it comes to how we all manage our vision and eye health. With that, an opportunity to give you control over your vision data and simplify the process of buying visual aids presented itself.

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