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Create your account today and keep track of your vision. With Speclo Logbook you can easily request your eye prescriptions from your optician to use whenever and wherever you want.

Take control of your vision

With Logbook we aim to give you full oversight and control of your eye health. Save all your prescriptions for contact lenses and eyeglasses in Logbook to keep your vision in top shape, at all times.

We are also developing additional tools to simplify buying vision aids such as glasses, contact lenses as well as booking eye exams. You will be able to just share a link to your vision profile with your prefered reseller to buy fitting vision aids.

Begär ditt synrecept med Speclo

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Request your prescriptions

To get started with your account, you need to gather your vision data. You can either request your prescriptions from your optician or scan the bar code on your lens packs.


Share your vision profile

Soon you will be able to share your vision data through your Speclo vision profile. Look for the right glasses or cheapest lenses and add the link to your vision profile in the checkout and you will always get the right product.

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In just a minute you could be up and running with Logbook and start taking control of your vision.

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